Top Five EXE Locker Software 2017

Software such as EXE lockers and folder lockers are becoming more and more accessible and easy to use. With Windows OS, the inability to lock individual files or folders has left the users wanting for a fix so that they can protect their private files and folders. And today we are going to list a few of such software through which you can protect your files and folders.

1. Free EXE Lock:

Free EXE Lock is a great software if you want to encrypt individual files or folders. It’s easy to use and there are even tutorials present on their website ( which teach you how to encrypt programs and EXE files. You can lock and password-protect any executable program using this handy software. The launch files for games that are not suitable for a certain audience can be locked too using this tool so that if a minor uses your computer you won’t have to worry about it.

Free EXE Lock offers two encryption modes and an option for backing up your data in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

2. Easy File Locker:

Easy File Locker is another software that allows you to lock files that you don’t want anyone seeing or tampering with. It is a freeware and also easy to use. It’s quite light so it’s particularly useful if you have a slightly weaker pc.

The software also provides protection for folders, which though is easier to bypass, still is a layer of protection. The easy to use interface bumps up usability and overall, it’s a good little software.

3. WinMend Folder Hidden:

WinMend Folder Hidden is also aimed at this market however it only provides protection by hiding your personal folders. It is simple and easy to use but it cannot provide protection for individual files. The main focus of this software is to hide and password-protect your folders which it does reasonably well.

So, if you want to protect your files and executables its best to just stick with an EXE locker instead of a folder locker.

4.Protected Folder:

This software is a bit different than any other software in this category. Protected Folder provides a kind of vault for your files and folders all you have to do, to protect your files and folders is to drag them into the Protected folder’s window and that’s it. It’s fairly simple and requires no fiddling around with stuff which makes life pretty easy for day to day users.

5. Folder Lock Free:

Folder Lock Free is another useful software for protecting your folders and drives by encrypting them. You can also protect files and Removable drives with this software. The software also saves your login IDs for Facebook, Mail etcetera. Folder lock utilizes AES Encryption which is one of the fastest and safest encryption methods. It is quite versatile in its features which can be a plus for some people but for most it overcomplicates stuff.

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